Toyota Yaris Engine Warning Light Reset Read OBD Fault Codes – Turn Off Trick

Published by bargainspares on November 23rd, 2011 - in News and Articles

2w38780 300x144 Toyota Yaris Engine Warning Light Reset Read OBD Fault Codes   Turn Off TrickOn the Toyota Yaris you can read the engine warning codes which cause the check engine warning light to show on the dashboard. You can do this without a fancy reader or computer, so save yourself a fortune and try this for yourself. All you need to do is join Pin 4 to Pin 13 in the OBD plug under the dashboard. The plug has two rows of eight pins, from left to right, the top row has pin 1 to 8, and underneath there is pin 9 to 16. You can join the pins with or with out the ignition on, then turn it on to watch the engine warning/management light flash on the dash board.

You need to count the flashes, each code has two digits, so the light flashes the first digit, then a short pause, then the second digit, then a long pause…. then the next code if there are more than one. Write them down then check them against this list of codes:-

12 – No rpms signal within 2 seconds after engine has started, crankshaft sensor or camshaft sensor
13 – No rpms signal above 1500 revs, fault in crankshaft sensor or circuit
14 – Ignition coil 1/3 faulty
15 – Ignition coil 2/4 faulty
18 – VVT-i sensor or wiring faulty (bad signal)
19 – VVT-i system Faulty
21 – Signal from primary O2 sensor weak
22 – Coolant temp sensor or wiring faulty
24 – Thermo-sensor or wiring in AFM faulty
25 – O2 sensor detects lean fuel mixture / sensor circuitry or sensor faulty
27 – Signal from secondary O2 sensor weak
31 – AFM sensor or wiring fault
33 – idle control system fault
39 – Fault in VVT-i system or wiring
41 – TPS sensor or wiring fault
42 – VSS sensor or wiring fault
52 – Knock sensor or wiring fault
75 – Pressure sensor for power steering fault
91 – Coolant temp too cool for closed loop mode
93 – Pre ignition / Knocking detected
94 – Catalytic converter fault
96 – Fault in power to engine management computer